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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission & Core Values

Our mission is to provide high-quality behavioral health services for both the short-term and long-term benefits of our patients. We will offer individualized care for those suffering from Mental Illness, Substance Use and Co-Occurring Disorders using the most effective mental health treatment approaches available. Guided by the principles of Service Excellence, we assure all of our services will be consistently provided with professionalism, integrity and respect.

We value service excellence, respect and ethical standards, integrity, compassion, and teamwork.

Service Excellence: We believe that all of our clients are entitled to quality mental health services. We will provide timely, professional, effective, and efficient services to all of our consumer groups. We recognize and encourage change at all levels of the organization, compatible with our vision.

Respect and Ethical Standards: We will continue to conduct ourselves according to the highest standard. We will strive for dignified and respectful relationships with everyone for whom we care and whom we work or collaborate, and provide an environment free from discrimination and prejudices.

Integrity: We affirm that honesty, trust, courtesy, and ethical conduct are essential to forming fair and dependable relationships with each other and those we serve.

Compassion: We will never lose sight of the fact that we provide care and comfort to people in need. Patient rights, safety, and dignity; will be fully honored.

Teamwork: We will work together to provide ever-improving customer service. We believe that the most productive work environment is one that promotes teamwork, active collaboration, safety, and clear and open communication within and across the departments and services of Roxbury.