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Inpatient Substance Use

Inpatient Substance Use

Inpatient Substance Use

We know that substance use has a debilitating impact on the entire family system and making a decision to enter treatment is a big step for the person seeking help. Roxbury Treatment Center has been providing inpatient substance use services for over 30 years and has the experience of trained physicians, nurses, and clinicians to help guide you through this process.


During the detox phase of treatment, a patient will be taken off all substances that are considered habit forming. These can include pain medications, anti-anxiety medications, or other medications associated with a tendency for misuse or abuse. Our physician and nursing staff will ensure that you are comfortable during this time and will address any ailment or issue that arises. We use a variety of medical protocols and comfort medications including buprenorphine for opioid withdrawal to assist in the detoxification process.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Roxbury is currently using Buprenorphine to manage the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. In addition, we are also using Sublocade, Vivitrol and oral Naltrexone for those wishing to continue maintenance medications. Those who wish to continue Buprenorphine after inpatient treatment on a maintenance basis will be referred to an outpatient provider after discharge.

Patient Stories


During the rehabilitation phase of treatment a patient will focus on the reasons for use, triggers, and coping skills as well as address any underlying mental health needs. While the majority of our treatment is group based, all patients have access to a variety of treatment options including:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Psycho-education
  • 12-Step Programming
  • Yoga, Meditation, and Relaxation Groups
  • Psychiatric Medication Management

Co-Occurring Disorders

Many of our patients come to Roxbury Treatment Center with co-occurring or secondary mental health issues that play a role in why they use substances.  Because of this, we provide every patient with a full psychiatric evaluation to ensure these needs are being addressed during the course of their treatment. By addressing mental health needs in conjunction with a patients substance use, we can help assist in understanding how these two disorders can impact each other. We are then able to provide a more comprehensive continuing care plan for after they complete treatment.