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Treatment & Services

Treatment & Services

Supportive Psychiatric Services in Shippensburg, PA

At Roxbury Treatment Center, we empower patients to seek positive improvements and take advantage of trusted physicians, nurses, and support staff during treatment. Our psychiatric services in Shippensburg, PA, include a wide range of options to meet the diverse needs of our local community.

You can turn to us for:

Addressing Age-Specific Needs

Quality care is all about recognizing each patient’s needs and accommodating them with specific strategies for improvement. That’s why the behavioral therapists at our treatment center offer age-differentiated services. Adolescents often face different challenges and need a different approach than adults. We work to provide engaging support for both groups.

Whether you struggle with substance abuse or need help for a child with emotional difficulties, we can help. Our methods include everything from direct counseling to therapeutic activities. When a patient visits us, they can focus on getting better in the way that works for them — and with a team that’s passionate about guiding them to their best life.

Outpatient Options

For many patients, a simple helping hand in recovery is enough to make a lifelong difference. Our outpatient substance abuse recovery programs give patients intensive support during focused sessions and the freedom to continue living life as they recover and adjust. We can connect you with medication-assisted therapy options, counseling, and an integrated treatment approach that factors in other mental health concerns for holistic support.

Our center also offers assessments for DUI requirements, employer referrals, or other reasons. Based on the results of the patients’ evaluation, we may provide treatment recommendations tailored to their needs. The patient may also obtain referrals through this process, depending on their unique circumstances.

Inpatient Care

Sometimes, the best thing for a patient’s health is a refuge from the struggles of the world. With our inpatient drug and alcohol treatment, we provide an opportunity for detoxification and rehabilitation to get you back on track and off of addictive substances. Our options include education, counseling, traditional 12-Step programming, and more.

As with our outpatient treatments, our inpatient care approach recognizes the reality of co-occurring disorders. Every patient receives a full psychiatric evaluation so that we can deliver behavioral health services in line with your needs. Discover the power of passionate care and in-facility relief and take the first steps toward recovery with our assistance.

Contact us today for more information about our available programs. We proudly serve Shippensburg, PA, and the surrounding areas.